Au revoir

Some greatest moments from our indie days. Look for us inside the wonderfulness that is here.

Smart apps on featurephones


One core piece of our tech is a simple app framework for writing to featurephones. All our partners who build on featurephones rely on this. Check it out.

Hike is global


Congrats to BSB’s hike on opening up to global users on 12/12/12

Try hike. We are fans.

Twitter’s evolution


Twitter announced they are embedding photo filters into their apps. We are psyched about their evolving product and the new features on display.

And kudos to Aviary — New York company powering the tech.

Their post.

The Mail Firehose


Lots of folks use Facebook/Twitter data via Oauth these days. Personalization and all that. But you can go far beyond this with the Peek mailstream. Get the firehose.

Farewell Android

We are winding down a few projects and experiments at Peek. One of them is Android work.

Peek has built a wide range of products and technologies in the last few years
– a full stack hardware/OS/app low-cost smartphone
– a port of our cloud apps for mass market embedded OS phones
– applications for video sharing and picture sharing on iOS for customers
– our core products on mail, social, etc plus games and other apps for Android
– customer work on Android
– web app layer stuff to power other people’s mobile apps
– a full toolkit for deploying real-time smartphone apps onto featurephone OSes

In all that work, the products that earned us the least engagement, money, and time –> Android products

We’ll announce some of the good results of our work on other platforms soon. But Android, farewell for now. We’ve decommissioned our various Google Play market apps this several weeks and switched off our apps.

Play TipTap for Android

It’s a fun timewaster with beautiful images and an ultra-simple tip, tap, touch, and timing interface

Get it in the Android Play store

Peak Web Theory

We are called Peek & Co but this post is about “peaks” like “the top”.

Peak Oil Theory is the view that we will at some point (maybe now) reach the maximum daily production of oil that the world will ever reach, and from there it will be only down. Oil shortages and then oil runs out. It’s a scary scenario and seems like it must be *eventually* true.

Here is what it looks like:
See it bigger

Well, what about the web?

Everyone keeps saying that the PC Era is ending. Steve Jobs was the leader of this movement. And here is what he said about the web:

We discovered something — people are going into apps. They’re not just going onto to websites. And people love apps. This is an entirely new thing — they aren’t using search, they’re using apps like Yelp. via Business Insider and SearchEnglineLand

If you believe in a theory like this then this recent snippet about last month on the web globally is huge news:

People searched less. BI

Try it: Peek Mail for Android

Our little mail app for Android has been growing nicely. Seems like people really do want a Mail app for Android that DOES NOT SUCK.

Faster than Gmail at push, lighter than Gmail and the rest since it is only 400 Kb to download, and better on battery life (less data, faster push = less power use).

A better mail app!

Get the app

Making it official: Peek & Co

Peek All Colors

Since creating our first Peek product a few years ago, our company has become incredibly expert at creating mobile products across the range of smartphone and featurephone platforms for the US and emerging world markets.

Racking up awards, building million-user apps, re-architecting OSes, and generally building amazing products has gotten us attention from everyone who wants to do the same.

So we make great stuff and people want our help to make their own great stuff. What to do?


So we are making it official by carving off Peek & Co — the product engineering studio behind Peek’s great products.


You can hire our NYC team to help you make your next great mobile app, connected device or more. We’ll bring our world-class tech stack, cloud platform and people to the hardest problems in tech.